Sunday School

The Sunday School Mission

The purpose of St. John Sunday School program is to facilitate an opportunity for children to learn the fundamentals of Orthodox Christianity as taught by the Fathers of the Orthodox Church.  Additionally, St. John Sunday School provides an opportunity for children to learn their Armenian culture through song, art and creative projects.


The current program is both well-rounded and diversified consisting of religion class and music.   Each month, students receive a spiritual message in the sanctuary.  Additionally, students participate in the different duties surrounding the Sunday Divine Liturgy.  Students are also encouraged not only to serve the church but also their community. It is the hope that through this curriculum, a greater understanding of faith and culture is instilled in our students.

The current curriculum is provided by the Christian Education Council under the direction of the Western Diocese and our teachers incorporate additional material.

Monthly Schedule

Sunday School begin at 10:30am

1st Sunday: Every month a new special presentation, plus Garden Ministry classes

2nd Sunday: Student service day in church with family. receive communion, hear children’s sermon, sing in choir, and serve on the altar.

3rd Sunday: Religion class by grades 

4th Sunday: Religion class by grades

5th Sunday: Special Projects day

St. John Sunday School serves children in Pre-K through 8th grade. 

How you can help

There are many ways that you can get involved and help support St. John’s Sunday School program. As in all aspects of our Children’s lives, the more we get involved, the more we can instill in our children a sense of responsibility and convey the value of our faith.

  • Volunteer to help as an aid in the classroom.
  • Help coordinate a community service event or activity for our Sunday School kids. 
  • Volunteer to teach a Sunday School session. Lessons are clearly explained and teaching materials are provided.
  • Help host a coffee hour after church when Sunday 

Family Day

Family day is a wonderful tradition at St. John Armenian Church. On the second sunday of the month all of our students attend church with their family. The kids are encouraged to participate in various ways with the help and coordination of the Sunday School staff. Here are some ways they can participate:

  1. Sit with the family and other students
  2. Sing in the choir
  3. Participate in Kiss of Peace
  4. Boys may serve on the altar
  5. Read the confessional along with other students
  6. Receive Holy Communion
  7. Hear a special youth sermon offered by Fr. Mesrop 

Articles about ACYO

Spring Sunday School Update

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Students studied the eight Sundays of Great lent from Poon Paregentan (much like Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday) to Easter. Abstinence this year was also part of the Pre-K students teaching, and for Lent, they diligently gave up M&M’s and Lollypops!

They celebrated by attending a special Children’s Badarak together on Lazarus Saturday followed by a breakfast and the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Altar Server Training Program

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

An altar server training program was held at the Western Diocese in LA. Allen Torchiyan, Enrike Kaltakhtchyan, Paul Israelian, and I were able to attend. It was a great weekend for us to learn different aspects of the Sunday Liturgy. Topics included learning different liturgical hymns as well as learning the different roles of an altar server. On that Sunday, we attended the liturgy at the cathedral. We also got to know the Burbank ACYO Chapter a little better. They were very welcoming.

Raffi’s Frosted Cupcake Milkshake makes it to St. John

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sunday, January 29, following the church service, all the parishioners gathered together at The Paul Family Hall. This time they would not only have coffee and cookies, but enjoy the taste of the famous Frosted Cupcake Milkshake prepared by our own Raffi Arabatyan, which contained classic vanilla cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting, chocolate pieces, and colorful sprinkles.

St. John Karoon Dance Ensemble performs at West Portal Library

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Armenian traditional folk dance and music are an integral part of the Armenian culture. The promotion of our rich culture in both Armenian and Non-Armenian circles of the greater Bay Area was the reason St. John Karoon Dance Ensemble was established under the direction of Carol Kazarian. Over the years the group has performed during the Annual Food Festivals and a variety of public functions.