Devout Traditions

There are many special traditions, which are practiced by the devout of the Armenian Church. 

Days of the Dead - Merelots

It is a solemn tradition that on the day following the 5 major feast days of the Armenian Church, a day is observed in memory of those who have passed away, and are asleep in Jesus Christ. On this day, the faithful the gravesides of their dearly departed, and the priest will offer requiem prayers for their souls.

Home Blessings

A priest blesses the gifts during the Home Blessing service

The home is a sacred place where family members maintain and share many values. It is also a place where they are charged and empowered with these values to live a peaceful and God-pleasing life. It is under this roof that all collectively form oneness in spirit and assume an important responsibility in the life of the community. It is in this place where they break bread and share joys and sorrows.