Armenian Language Classes

We are beginning a new Eastern Armenian Language Course at St. John. San Francisco Bay Area Community members are welcome to join this class and learn how to read, write and speak Eastern Armenian. This class is an opportunity to gain knowledge about modern Armenia, including its culture and everyday life. If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

Frequently asked questions

What dialect will be taught?

There are two primary dialects of Armenian, Eastern and Western. In this course we will be teaching Eastern Armenian which the dialect spoken in Armenia today.

What if I want to learn Western Armenian?

While we presently do not offer a Western Armenian course, we are working to introduce one in 2014. Regardless, it is enriching to learn either Armenian dialect. Even if you would prefer to attend a Western Armenian class in the future, you can still join our current classes to learn the alphabet and enhance your Armenian vocabulary.

Does one need to have experience with Armenian language?

There are people at different levels in the class. Many who are starting from zero, and others with some knowledge of Armenian. We do our best to teach to all levels.

Can I just learn conversational Armenian?

In our courses, we believe its very important to learn the Armenian alphabet. This will help the student succeed. We do not currently have to plans to only teach conversational Armenian.

Will I need to attend class every week?

Learning a language is most effective with regular practice. If one misses an occasional class, they can remain enrolled, but it will make it harder for them to keep up.

Do I have to be Armenian?

If you have the desire to learn Armenian, but aren't Armenian by ethnicity, we would be happy to have you.