Become a Pledged Member

What does it mean to become a member?

Did you know the Armenian Church has two kinds of members: communicant members and dues-paying members? All men, women, and children baptized in the Armenian Church are communicant members of the Armenian Church. This means they have full access to the sacramental life of the Church. "Dues-paying" or "pledged" members are individuals who make tangible their commitment to our parish by making an annual financial contribution. However, membership isn’t only about financial support, it's about manifesting our love for the Armenian Church and aligning our lives and families with the life of the parish.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Deepen Your Connection: This commitment is not just about financial support. It's about expressing your love for the Armenian Church and aligning yourself more closely with the life and mission of our parish.

  • Make a Difference: Your membership allows us to continue our vital ministries, outreach programs, and maintain our sacred spaces.

  • Embrace Belonging: Forge valuable fellowships, craft unforgettable memories, support and find support within our community, and cherish a sanctuary that is your spiritual home.     

Will I have any responsibilities?

Membership in the church is founded on the principle of serving as part of the body of Christ.

  • Engagement: Perhaps the most important attribute of a pledged member of the parish should be their active engagement. If it is your desire to show your support for our parish through financial stewardship, but it is difficult for you, for whatever reason, to be activly involved, we don't recommend membershipWe would graciously accept your generous support in the form of a donation, independant of membership status.
  • Participation: Sunday services, and participation in activities organized within the spheres of education, culture, and service.  Therefore, we invite our members to help make a difference whenever possible. 
  • Assembly: Additionally we ask our members to attend the Annual Members Assembly.

Requirements for Membership

To become and member of the Armenian Church, they should be baptized and chrismated in the Armenian Church, or if canonically baptized, be chrismated in the Armenian church, and accept her doctrines, canons and rites. After reaching the age of eighteen, they may apply to become a pledged member by submitting an application along with the annual pledge fee. After the application has been formally approved by the Parish Council, the new member has the right to vote at the Parish Assembly provided that six (6) months have elapsed since their membership was formally accepted.

For more information about becoming a member contact the church office.