St. John Armenian Apostolic Church of San Francisco offers a variety of social and community events to enrich our spiritual lives, and to share in the history and traditions of our Church. There are several ways to become involved in our parish community, from volunteering for God pleasing projects, to bible study, to folk. We also have several social organizations were faithful can forge new friendships and grow in fellowship.

Online Training & Education

Training and education are essential for members of the church, from childhood and through every phase of life. Each new challenge represents a moment in time when we can better understand our faith, and apply it in new and uplifting ways. It can be hard at times to me in person for essential classes and trainings, so we have developed several online courses for our members.


The St. John Choir has a rich history in the Bay Area Armenian community, and every Sunday they join their voices together to sing the hymns of our forefathers unto God during the Divine Liturgy. Beginners are always welcome, and can sing at any level they feel comfortable.

For more information please call the Choir Director Linda Lester 415-648-3540 or the organist Naiyry Sarkiss 415-661-1142.

Bible Study

Being a true Christian means being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being a disciple means embarking on a life-long journey to know and understand Christ's teachings, and to engage and a deep and meaningful relationship with Him, through His Church.

Altar Servers

The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy (hymns, responses, etc.), by looking alert and sitting or standing at the appropriate times.

Ladies Society

The Ladies Society is the heart and soul of St. John Armenian Church. Ladies Society is a group, which not only serves the parish through volunteerism, but also cultivates fellowship, and an appreciation of Armenian culture and heritage.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is the cornerstone of our parish. We serve our children and youth through our Sunday School program and Armenian Church Youth Organization. We also train our young ones to become crucial parts of the worship life of the church through choir training and alter service.

Garden Ministry

The Garden Ministry is an innovative program at St. John Armenian Church that uses gardening, an important part of Armenian identity, to sustainably grow not just food, which will be used by our parish and local charities, but also grow our community and the faithful's relationship with Christ.