"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace." – 1 Peter 4:10

Do you want to know what really keeps a church alive and prosperous? Many people would say that it is the pastor. The role of the pastor is extremely important. However, volunteerism is the lifeblood of any church.

No matter what your gift or aptitude, there are plenty of ways for you to serve God and his people. You don’t need to be a clergyman in order to make an impact in your local church. Every role is important to the development of our community.

Myths About Volunteering

People are often concerned that volunteering is a huge time commitment. That is not necessarily true. Your service doesn’t have to be endless. You can serve on a rotational basis and still make an impact.

How to Get Involved

Getting involved is as simple as letting us know. If you see an area you want to participate in, find the person in charge and let us know. Let them know from the beginning how much time you able to commit. There is always a spot for you.

If you want to see our church grow and prosper, then we encourage you to volunteer and give your time. St. John strives to serve you spiritually. Start giving your time and you’ll begin to see God bless you and St. John.

If interested in volunteering please call the church office 415-661-1142, email info@stjohnarmenianchurch.com, or speak with the Parish Priest or a member of the Parish Council.

Volunteer Thursdays

A group of volunteers works every Thursday from 11am to 1pm. During this time, we help tidy up the church grounds, prepare mailings, work the church garden, and do all sorts of things. It's a great time for fellowship! Volunteer Thursday is open to all. If you have questions, email organizer Paula Boghossian at paulaboghos@sbcglobal.net.

Food Festival

One of our great opportunities for volunteering is the annual Food Festival. If you would like to help cook, find our latest annual cooking schedule on this website, which is usually released in June. If you would like to work during the food festival, just email us at info@stjohnarmenianchurch.com. Over 150 volunteers work every year to make our Food Festival possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer's Day

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In short time, the Volunteer Day project has become a staple at St. John Armenian Church every Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Every Thursday, is an opportunity to gather for fellowship, support our church and make a difference. Weekly tasks can include mailings, gardening, organizing spaces, cooking, special projects and more. 

Special projects include making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Samaritan House in San Mateo. Please join us.

Food Festival 2016 Update

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Just like our holy bees it is summer and all is a buzz with activity, camp, picnics, retreats, etc. As in past years this is also time to prepare for our annual Fall Festival and that means coming together to make all the delicious hard to find sweet and savory items that are made by many loving hands. Our lovely ladies will assemble to work painstakingly over the next few months.

St. John Faithful Serve the Hungry

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It has always been a cornerstone of the Christian faith that those who devote themselves to Christ’s teachings should help and comfort the poor and destitute, just has He did during His own ministry. Often this service takes the form of fundraising. When the necessity arises the faithful come together and open their pocketbooks to contribute to charitable funds to help those in need. However, its just as often necessary for the Christian to becomes personally involved.