The Parish Council

The Parish Council is the executive and administrative body of the community. The Parish Council is presided over by the spiritual pastor of the community who takes up the inner administrative affairs of the parish and is engaged in the realization of its administrative and financial activities. Members of the parish council are elected or appointed at the parish assembly.

St. John Parish Council 2016

  • Rev. Fr. Mesrop Ash, Parish Priest and President
  • Dr. John Boghossian, Chairman
  • Edward Barber, Vice Chairman
  • Dn. Charles Cherezian, Treasurer
  • Paul Bazigian, Assistant Treasurer
  • Dana Jobe, Recording Secretary
  • John Dahlberg, Assistant Secretary
  • Steven Cherezian, Advisor
  • Edward Karamyan, Advisor
  • Richard Surabian, Advisor