Food Festival 2016 Update

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Just like our holy bees it is summer and all is a buzz with activity, camp, picnics, retreats, etc. As in past years this is also time to prepare for our annual Fall Festival and that means coming together to make all the delicious hard to find sweet and savory items that are made by many loving hands. Our lovely ladies will assemble to work painstakingly over the next few months.
Labor of love is not enough to describe it. Maybe therapy might be a bit much, however we laugh, tell stories about our friends and loved ones or share the latest news and sit down to a nice lunch and visit some more.

Join us won't you!

Cooking Schedule for month of July and August

If anyone is willing to help the ladies preparing food for the Festival, and also wishes to sponsor and host a luncheon on a working day please contact the church office 415-661-1142.

The cooking dates are subject to change, therefor we ask you to call and confirm the date before you come.

Thursday 07-07-2016 Souboreg
Tuesday 07-12-2016 Souboreg
Saturday 07-23-2016 Cheese boreg
Tuesday 08-09-2016 Simit
Thursday 08-11-2016 Apple Strudel prep
Saturday 08-13-2016 Apple Strudel
Sunday 08-14-2016 Pack Apple Strudel
Thursday 08-18-2016 Choreg