Feast of the Ascension Celebrated by St. John San Francisco and St. Vartan Oakland

Publish Date: 
Thursday, May 25, 2023

In an auspicious observance, St. John San Francisco and St. Vartan Oakland marked the Feast of the Ascension, known as Hampartsoum in Armenian, on May 18, 2023. The day's events unfolded with reverence and solemnity, reflecting the significance of this paramount event in the Christian liturgical calendar.

The Divine Liturgy, which holds central importance in the Feast, was celebrated by Fr. Krikor Zakaryan, the parish priest of St. Vartan. Fr. Zakaryan guided the congregation through a thoughtful service that anchored the day's observance in reverence and gratitude for the Ascension of Christ.

Following the Liturgy, Fr. Mesrop Ash, the parish priest of St. John San Francisco, delivered a homily. The sermon delved into the concept of the ascended Christ and unpacked the profound implications of the "Great Commission", Jesus Christ's commandment to his disciples to disseminate his teachings throughout the world. Fr. Ash's reflections further enhanced the understanding of the Feast and its pertinence to contemporary Christian faith and life.

In keeping with tradition, a celebratory luncheon was hosted after the Liturgy by the St. John Ladies Society. The luncheon provided an opportunity for fellowship among the congregations and allowed for informal discussions and sharing of experiences.

A unique feature of the luncheon was a presentation by Sona Kesecker, who discussed the historical and cultural customs associated with Hampartsoum. The presentation served to deepen attendees' understanding of the rich traditions surrounding this beloved holiday.

The Feast of the Ascension, celebrated with reverence at both St. John San Francisco and St. Vartan Oakland, demonstrated the continued commitment of both congregations to observing their faith and understanding their shared heritage.