Launching New Acolyte Training Program

Publish Date: 
Friday, December 27, 2019

One of the most important missions of our church is to educate our youth about our faith and share the meaning and significance of our Armenian Christian service.  As our community continues to expand, we have an opportunity to ensure our children deeply understand the Divine Liturgy and feel connected to it and the roots of our faith.

To meet this growing need, and to be responsive to requests from parents, we are launching an altar servers training program in early 2020, with encouragement and support from our Primate, Abp. Hovnan Derderian!

Children, ages six and up are invited to participate in this program, which will include an introduction to altar service, background knowledge on the significance of Soorp Badarak and explanation of key aspects of our faith.

There is an online component to the curriculum, consisting of educational videos prepared by Der Hayr, in addition to four one-hour monthly in-person classes:

  • February 9th (Sun) – 1p - kick-off lunch with families and children
  • March 13th (Fri) – 6p – 7p, pizza will be served
  • April 17th – (Fri) 6-7p, dinner will be served
  • May 8th – (Fri) 6-7p, dinner will be served

In addition to the above schedule, all children will be expected to occasionally participate on the altar on select Sundays according to a schedule that Der Hayr will share in mid-2020.

Please email and/or use the link to sign up for this exciting new program. Share your child(ren)’s name & age.  We are excited to launch this program with your support!