Ladies Society Spring Update

Ladies Society has been meeting regularly once a month…
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Monday, May 1, 2017

January, our meeting welcomed our new slate of officer’s.  We had a cozy meeting in the Ashjian Room.  We warmed up the chilly winter day with lunch brought in from the Olive Garden, and we enjoyed their minestrone and their signature salad and bread while surrounded by friends. Those who stayed to the end of the meeting enjoyed the surprise of having a chance at winning a door prize.  Three lucky attendees took home a ceramic magnet from Jerusalem.

February, we featured a charity drive that our attendees enjoyed and contributed towards. We collected jars to give to the soup kitchen that Dn. Arto works at, the Martin de Porres House of Hospitality.  They use the clean empty jars to offer their guests the option to take soup out after dining in. We received very positive feedback from our meeting attendees that they like the activity of extending support for causes beyond our church and reaching out into the community. We will continue to try to feature one activity a month. A tasty and colorful assortment of salads was donated by members for lunch. We played a round of movie trivia and gave out mint plants for door prizes. 

Lastly, our March meeting exceeded our entertainment expectations.  We started the day off with some opera trivia which kept everyone engaged in conversation before and during lunch.  Lunch was donated by Naiyry Sarkiss, in memory of her father and to honor our guest, Nadima Avakian. Nadima sang several crowd favorites.  Again we hosted a charity event, the Ladies Society supported the idea of hosting dinner for the Interfaith Winter Shelter in San Francisco, thank you to all those who helped make this happen.

In April, the Ladies Society donated choreg to the ACYO for their bake sale.  Our teenage youth community is shining, and we are proud of their efforts and presence.   

As we embark on 2017, we hope to achieve all that we discuss at our monthly meetings. With the grace of God all is possible. Meeting minutes are distributed to members and friends, anyone interested in reviewing agendas and minutes, please do not hesitate to contact a Ladies Society Executive member. At each of our meetings, we continue to keep in our thoughts those who are unable to join us.


Save the date; our next Ladies Society Lunch Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 25. We will be celebrating Hampartzum. Join us, members, friends, and friends of friends.  If you would like to attend or contribute to planning our next lunch meeting and social, please contact the church office.


With Gratitude,

The Ladies Society Executive Team