St. John Karoon Dance Ensemble performs at West Portal Library

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Armenian traditional folk dance and music are an integral part of the Armenian culture. The promotion of our rich culture in both Armenian and Non-Armenian circles of the greater Bay Area was the reason St. John Karoon Dance Ensemble was established under the direction of Carol Kazarian. Over the years the group has performed during the Annual Food Festivals and a variety of public functions.

For the past two years, Carol Kazarian has been teaching folk dancing to our Sunday School Students, now called St. John Karoon Dance Junior Ensemble, they practice regularly on Sundays during the Fellowship Hour, and they have been performing during the Food Festivals,  Sunday school commencements, and various events. For the first time on Saturday, February 11, our precious junior group danced at the West Portal Library. The dancers wore traditional costumes to embody the history of the Armenian culture and by their beautiful movements told the story of their ancestors. They truly represented the Armenian culture and St. John parish with grace and elegance.

On behalf of the St. John family, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all the performers for their dedication and love towards the Armenian dance. Special thanks to Carol Kazarian for her endless effort teaching traditional dances to our youth.