Are You A Church Member?

Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2015

You may or may not have been asked this question before, but what are people referring to when they ask you if you are a "church member?" There are two types of membership in the Armenian Church.

The first type of membership is achieved through baptism. All of those baptized and chrismated in the Armenian Apostolic Church become members of the church in accordance with tradition and the teachings of Christ. They become literal members of the body of Christ that is His Holy Church. This is the most important form of membership as it affords members the right to participate in the sacraments of the Church, such as marriage and the Holy Eucharist. These activities lead to salvation, and all thats needed for someone to exercise their membership is to be present during worship.

The second form of membership is known as "pledged membership" or "dues paying membership." This second type is an extension of the first and is also important because it strengthens the parish that you are a part of and that serves you and your family. Pledged members officially declare their affiliation and support for their parish. They offer their support in many ways including an annual financial contribution of $150 or more (which is about $12 a month), and their active involvement the life of the church.

Pledged members have special rights and privileges. These include various things such as discounts on facilities rentals, and the opportunity to be appointed or elected to important church leadership positions. They can also participate in Annual Parish Assemblies and help make important decisions that impact the community and the future of the church. However, the most important reason to become a pledged member is to express your commitment to an institution that plays an important role in the life of your family.

We are grateful for all the members of St. John Armenian Church. If you are interested in becoming a pledged member, now is the time. Call our office or visit