Divine Liturgy Seminar Launches for Lent

Lenten Seminar Series Streams Live
Publish Date: 
Thursday, February 26, 2015

The first session of "Understanding Divine Liturgy" and Lenten Seminar Series was held on Tuesday, February 24 at 10:30am. Faithful attended the seminar and were engaged by the presentation and dialogue. Several participants also followed the presentation online, as it was boradcast live on Youtube, a first for St. John. Fr. Mesrop welcomed everyone and opened the session with prayer.

The lecture was divided in to 6 sections.

  1. Introduction to Divine Liturgy
  2. Preparing ourselves before Badarak begins
  3. Priest preparing himself before Badarak
  4. Procession into the Church and up the Altar
  5. Behind the Closed Curtain

Upon the conclusion of the seminar, Fr. Mesrop thanked everyone and encouraged them to attend the rest of the sessions so that they get the most out of their experience.

You can watch this first session on youtube. The sessions will be each Tuesday during lent at 10:30am, and they will also be live streamed via youtube. Announcements will be made on Facebook and Twitter.