Sunday School Commencement

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sunday, June 1, was the last day of Sunday School.  As usual students gathered in the Ashjian room for a short rehearsal, and attended church to receive communion and a spiritual message by Fr. Mesrop Ash.

During the sermon Fr. Mesrop expressed that the last day of school is a sad day for him because he will not see the students on a weekly basis, however he encouraged everyone to come to church and participate in the choir and serve on the altar. It was great to see four Sunday School students serving on the altar along with the senior deacons.

Following the church service,  Fr. Mesrop thanked the students the parents and the teachers for making Sunday School an inviting place. Then he invited Mrs. Paula Boghossian Sunday School superintendent to present the certificate.

Mrs. Paula thanked Fr. Mesrop and Parish Council for being supportive and thanked the students and parents for attending and being active, and finally to the teachers for their teaching on a weekly basis. Then along with Fr. Mesrop they presented certificates to the students and invited the congregation to stay for fellowship hour and enjoy the short program presented by the students.

During the coffee hour students presented a short program, singing  Soorp Asdvadz, Armenian folk songs,  Hey Hey, and Hayasdan im Cheknagh. 

Mrs. Paula gathered the students and cut a cake and wished everyone a happy and safe summer.