Food Festival Work Schedule 2014

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We need volunteers to lead each cooking sessions as an example, Linda Lester will take the lead for souboreg and kufta. If you are interested please contact Linda Lester at 415-648-3540 and we will contact volunteers to help you.


2014 Food Festival Work Schedule

Day Date Food Coordinator
Tuesday 06-03-2014 Choreg  
Thursday 06-05-2014 Choreg  
Sunday 06-8-2014 Simit  
Thursday 06-12-2014 Simit  
Tuesday 06-17-2014 Sou Boreg Linda  
Thursday 06-19-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Thursday 06-24-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Tuesday 06-26-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Tuesday 07-08-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Thursday 07-10-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Tuesday 07-15-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Thursday 07-17-2014 Sou Boreg Linda
Monday 07-28-2014 Kufta Prep  
Tuesday 07-29-2014 Kufta Por  
Thursday 07-31-2014 Kufta Linda
Tuesday 08-05-2014 Kufta Linda
Thursday 08-07-2014 Kufta Linda
Tuesday 08-12-2014 Kufta Linda
Thursday 08-14-2014 Kufta Linda
Tuesday 08-19-2014 Apple Strudel Yer. Annie
Thursday 08-21-2014 Apple Strudel Yer. Annie
Tuesday 09-02-2014 Lule-Pre Sale  
Wednesday 09-03-2014 Lule-Packaging  
Thursday 09-04-2014 Kourabia  
Tuesday 09-16-2014 Kadaif Sona Tuncer
Tuesday 10-14-2014 Sarma  
Wednesday 10-15-2014 Sarma  
Thursday 10-16-2014 Sarma  
Thursday 10-16-2014 Prep for Eggplant  
Friday 10-17-2014 Luleh  
Friday 10-17-2014 Cook Imam Bayaldi  
Friday 10-17-2014 Vospov Kheyma and eetch  
You will be notified the dates of the final week of the Festival
We will have a teaching sessions on the following Saturdays
Saturday    7 /19/2014       Cheese Boreg                      
Saturday    7/26/2014   Spinach Boreg               
Anyone interested in attending the Saturday or Evening Sessions please contact church office 415-661-1142