Sunday School Discovers the Garden Ministry

Publish Date: 
Friday, February 28, 2014

The St. John Sunday School spent the damp but sunny morning of last Sunday not in the classroom as they usually would, but in a new setting: St. John’s newly established parish garden. Instead of their usual curriculum, they learned about how and why seeds grow in to plants that bare vegetables and fruits. Most importantly, they learned that God gave them, and all humanity, the responsibility to be good stewards of His creation. Each child was given their own plot in the garden, so that they can learn that it takes time, attention, and love to be a good steward.

This Sunday morning was the beginning of a new phase in the progress of what is known as St. John’s Garden Ministry. Work began on the project in June 2013, when a previously unused plot of land on the parish property was slowly trasnformed, thanks to the help of many donors and volunteers, under the direction of Yn. Annie Ash, into a pleasent and fertile garden space. From the beginning a section of the garden was reserved for the children, to be used as a space to facilitate learning and faith formation, with gardening serving as not only an apt metaphore for many aspects of Armenian Christian life, but also an opportunity for healthy outdoor activity.

In the future it will also be meeting place for bibles studies and social activities.

The Garden Ministry is always in need of a helping hand. A group of young and fun individuals meet each Wednesday to learn, work, and cultivate the garden. If you would like to get updates about the Garden Ministry and join our group of gardeners click here to sign up!