Hey Jan Ghapama/Հէյ Ճան Ղաբամայ

Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Ladies Society of St. John Church hosted a luncheon on Saturday, November 9. St. John Paul Family Fellowship hall was filled with the sweet aroma of the Ghapama, along with the beautiful traditional song "Hey Jan Ghapama". More than 40 ladies were present, as well as Western Diocese Ladies Society Central Council chairlady, Gladys Saroyan.

The committee prepared a delicious stuffed turkey luncheon with mashed potatoes, and yams.  The dessert was the highlight of the event. Our dear Yn. Annie Ash did a presentation about how to prepare a traditional dish called Ghapama, which is pumpkin filled with rice, dried fruits, honey and butter baked in the oven. The ladies enjoyed the Ghapama luncheon and each others company. Fr. Mesrop Ash also made an interesting presentation about that days special religious celebration, The Feast of the Archangels.

Special Guest, Gladys Saroyan offered her remarks on behalf of the Central Council, and complimented the warm and friendly atmosphere of the afternoon. Ladies Society co-chairs, Linda Lester and Anoush Maghdissian presented her with a gift on behalf of the ladies of St. John.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the Ghapama luncheon possible.