Film Screening Fundraiser: The Stateless Diplomat

Friday, December 18, 2020 (All day) to Sunday, December 20, 2020 (All day)

From December 18-20, registrants will be able to access as special website to watch the acclaimed film The Stateless Diplomat. Film Producer, Mimi Malayan will also be conducting a Q∓A to discuss the films unique resonance with the contemporary struggles of the Armenian Nation. All proceeds will go to supporting displaced families from Artsakh.

About the Statless Diplomat and Its Timely Message

History repeats itself.  The recent events in Artsakh share many similarities with those of 105 years ago.  While the scale of the last century's assault was different, the intent was the same.

The Stateless Diplomat shows us the struggle of a diaspora woman, Diana Apcar, doing everything she possibly can to protect her people and her nation at a critical time.  She foresees the impending danger and forecasts it to the world, to raise awareness and sympathy to the cause.  Sadly, Diana believes that world leaders will act to protect Armenia and its people, if they only understand the danger her people face.  She was wrong.  Without resources or political power, no one really cares.  Armenians are left to deal with the consequences.

But after Diana’s worst fears are realized, she focuses her attention in a new direction:  to support those who have lost everything.  The survivors have no homes or belongings, and mourn the loss of family and friends.  It is all too much to bear.  But one person CAN make a difference and she concentrates on securing a new home and safety for the survivors.  We can do the same.  Please support the displaced families of Artsakh.