St. John Parishioners Participate in the First Healing Sunday

Publish Date: 
Thursday, January 25, 2024

In an atmosphere filled with hope and spiritual anticipation, St. John Armenian Church marked a significant milestone in its “Year of Healing” initiative with the inaugural Healing Sunday. This special day, rooted deeply in the traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church, was a profound experience for the many parishioners who gathered in a communal quest for spiritual renewal and healing.

At the heart of this sacred gathering was the Healing Rite, conducted at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. This rite, a cherished tradition being revitalized at St. John, saw an inspiring participation from dozens of faithful, each seeking solace and divine intervention in their personal and communal lives. 

The day’s spiritual journey continued with a special presentation by Fr. Mesrop, who delved into the profound depths of St. Gregory of Narek’s magnum opus, the Book of Lamentations. Known as one of the pinnacle works of Armenian literature, this collection of poetic prayers offers a timeless source of comfort and healing. Fr. Mesrop, with his insightful and compassionate approach, unfolded the layers of St. Gregory’s prayers, revealing their enduring power to heal the soul.

St. Gregory of Narek, has been a beacon of hope and spiritual guidance for centuries. His Book of Lamentations, often referred to simply as the “Narek,” is not just a literary masterpiece but a spiritual companion to many in times of sorrow and joy alike. The presentation illuminated the relevance of St. Gregory’s words in today’s world, emphasizing how these ancient prayers can be a source of healing and reflection for modern believers.

As the “Year of Healing” continues, the church looks forward to more such Sundays, each dedicated to exploring different dimensions of healing, rooted in the rich traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church. These Sundays will be designated on the third Sunday of each month.

As parishioners left the church that day, there was a palpable sense of renewal and strengthened faith, a testament to the healing journey they had embarked upon together. In the words of St. Gregory of Narek, “Through the storm of life, I cling to your promise of salvation, finding peace in your unwavering love, O Lord, my Shelter and my Guide.”