Sunday School Registration Now Open for 2023/2024

Classes resume on September 17
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, August 30, 2023

We're excited to share that registration for the upcoming Sunday School year is now open! As we gear up for another year of spiritual growth and education, we invite parents to enroll their children in this enriching journey. Prospective familes can register via our website now.

Classes Begin at 10:30 AM: A New Schedule for a Deeper Experience

This year, we're making a positive change to our Sunday School schedule. Classes will now begin promptly at 10:30 AM, allowing us to offer an even more comprehensive program for our students. This adjustment also provides parents with the wonderful opportunity to join the Divine Liturgy from the very beginning, enriching their own spiritual experience.

Evolution of the Sunday School Experience: Garden Ministry Update

After a decade of cherished moments, our beloved Garden Ministry program will be taking a hiatus this year. However, we're excited to introduce a new format for First Sundays. On these special occasions, our knowledgeable St. John Deacons will present engaging topics, followed by participation in the Divine Liturgy. This change allows us to explore different aspects of our faith and involve our students in the Liturgy in a more meaningful way.

Exciting Changes in Music Education

Our music classes with the incredible Nadima Avakian will also see a shift in scheduling. They will now take place on Fourth Sundays, allowing Nadima more time to guide our young ones in learning church hymns and cultural music. This change promises to enhance our students' musical understanding and appreciation within our rich Armenian tradition.

A Glimpse of Last Year's Journey

As we eagerly anticipate the new Sunday School year, take a moment to relive the wonderful moments of the previous year through a heartwarming video showcasing snapshots of our students engaged in lessons, projects, and events that brought smiles to their faces. Watch the video and experience the camaraderie, growth, and joy that define our Sunday School community. We offer our sincere thanks to Milana Minasyan for producing this awesome video!

Enroll your child today and be a part of this remarkable journey of faith, education, and friendship. Together, we'll continue to nurture young minds and spirits in the embrace of our St. John Armenian Church family.

For more information and registration details, visit our webpage, or contact the church office.. We look forward to welcoming your child to our vibrant Sunday School community!