Wrapping Up Current Phase of Fruitful Partnership with Armenian Army Chaplains

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Since 2014 St. John Armenian Church has worked closely with the Army Chaplaincy mission of the Armenian Church. At the outset of the recent war to defend Artsakh, we ramped up our support for this vital program to help our chaplains serve the soldiers. We are proud to announce that with the support of our community we have raised $40,000 to support the Chaplaincy Program of the Armenian Church. With this milestone we are wrapping up this impactful program, having helped our chaplains serve soldiers from 9 battalions throughout Armenia and Artsakh. 

In a recent letter to the donor, Fr. Mesrop Ash summarized the impact of the program as follows,

Together from October 2020 to April 2021, we raised $40,000 to support the chaplaincy mission. You generously responded to the call to stand by these individuals who represent the ideal of sacrificial service through Christ's church for the Armenian people. With the funds our parish provided the chaplains were able to care for soldiers being deployed through 5 military bases, and 9 battalions. The chaplains, working in concert with officers on the ground, were able to provide everything from essential technical equipment such as communication radios and binoculars, which were in short supply, as well as warm clothes, winter boots, medications, and food. Throughout their work, as chaplains delivered life saving material support, they prayed with the sick and dying, comforted grieving survivors, and advocated for soldiers' needs to officers and officials.

I am humbled by their amazing and God-pleasing service under impossible odds, and I applaud you for recognizing the valuer of their service by offering your financial support.

Moving forward we will continue to support various programs organized by the Chaplaincy as we have done for years, although I pray it be during times of peace and prosperity for Armenia and Artsakh. Nevertheless, I hope you join in recommitting ourselves to this important mission of the Armenian Church.

The following is a video prepared about our collaboration.