ACYO Corner

Publish Date: 
Monday, October 1, 2018

Over the summer, ACYO had many fun events that brought the group closer together. We made memories that we will cherish forever. We continued our Friday Night hangouts where we have dinner, discussions, and hangout time. Our discussions range from faith to everyday topics that relate to us. This event helps us unwind from a stressful week of school.  We hope to continue these Friday nights throughout the rest of the year.

We started off the summer with a trip to Santa Cruz. We enjoyed the beach and boardwalk. From dill pickles to fun rides, the day was full of laughter and fun. We especially enjoyed the log ride where our youth director Charles got completely soaked. We definitely want to make this an annual event.

Throughout the whole month of July, we had an internship at the church.  Various activities included helping the ladies society cook for the St. John Food Festival,  helping with office work, planting and landscaping in the garden, and planning for the annual ACYO Convention we are hosting in January of next year.

Also in the month of July, we held a community service project where we made food and snacks and delivered them to the local women’s shelter. The staff and members truly appreciated the generosity our ACYO shared. This event showed us the importance of helping others; a key component of our Armenian Christian faith. We plan to do another activity with them during Christmastime.

A large number of our ACYO members attended Hye Camp Week 2. We had a great time enjoying the mountains, enriching our faith, and seeing our friends from around the diocese. We especially enjoyed the homemade choreg that our church ladies provided.

ACYO planned a retreat to Lake Tahoe in the beginning of August where we stayed in a huge 4 story cabin overlooking the lake. Our days included spiritual hikes with our priest, lounging at the beach, jet skiing, kayaking, shopping and so much more. Our nights included cooking dinner, discussions, and scary movies. This event is the highlight of the summer, It is a chance for all of us to spend quality time with our church friends. It also gives us an opportunity to discuss our faith and how it relates to the world we live in.  We hope these memories last a lifetime.

We look forward to the rest of the year. Volunteering for our church Food Festival, holiday celebrations, and toy drives are only a few of the upcoming events. We thank the St. John community for your continued support.