A Message from your Parish Council Chair

Publish Date: 
Friday, January 12, 2018

When I look back at this year and the last 4 years on Parish Council, 3 as Chairman, there were many big events that took place that required the active and endless efforts of so many. I wanted to thank and acknowledge them for without their devoted efforts we would not have accomplished or had so much success.

The 75th anniversary of the consecration of St. John Armenian Apostolic Church was the highlight of 2017.  A festive banquet with over 250 attendees was held to celebrate and acknowledge some of our volunteers, who have spent years in service to our beloved church. In attendance and providing the benediction was his Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian. 

During the banquet, the audience was treated to a wonderful media presentation that consisted of many interviews from our young members to our seasoned members. Hours and hours of time was spent in translation and editing all completed by volunteers.  Many thanks to Der Hayr, Lorraine Mirigian, Rosemond Muncheryan, Mimi Malayan and our own producer, Dn. Anthony Catchatoorian. Words cannot convey my gratitude to all who worked on committee(s) for this auspicious occasion. 

His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian was the guest celebrant for the Badarak on Sunday, November 19, 2017.  This was also a special occasion for two young men, Dn. Nshan Kesecker and Dn. Kevin Kestekyan as the ceremony and ritual ensued to recognize and acknowledge their devotion and service to the Armenian church. It was on this Sunday that they were both ordained as full deacons. Congratulations to you both on behalf of the Parish Council we are so proud of you. 

One month prior we had just concluded our 75th Food Festival, that was co-chaired by Kathy Kapeghian and Charles Cherezian.  Our success is measured by the loving hands of our Ladies Society, who worked diligently to organize and prepare many of the delicacies that were served over the weekend.  Many thanks to St. John ACYO and yet another year when the Golden Gate Chapter of the Triple X was on hand to help prepare the meat and barbeque. 

Once again, many thanks to all the efforts of our volunteer community. We particularly acknowledge Carol Kazarian who continues to teach and express the Armenian culture through Karoun Dance group.

We should not overlook the monumental achievement in becoming handicap compliant in our facility.  This had been in the making for many years and it finally got completed with a very diligent and dedicated committee of volunteers who once again spent many hours in meetings.  The efforts to pick color, tile, lighting, etc. were all carefully thought out and executed.  Our humble gratitude to you all who served on the committee, especially chairman Greg Cherezian! It looks beautiful!

It has been my honor to serve on Parish Council as it’s chairman. I have enjoyed seeing active participation from various groups and organizations like Ladies Society and ACYO.  Special thanks to Cissy Baloian who has donated the Christmas tree over the past few years, which we enjoy decorating.  Thank you, Cissy for your kindness and generosity. This year as I watched and helped with the decorating I couldn’t help remembering my good friend, Michael Kouyoumjian, who was a kind man and an avid volunteer. He was involved with church life helping whenever he could and anytime possible. He was loved by many and will always be remembered. 

May the Holiday Season bring peace, love and good health for all!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas,
John Boghossian