Youth Ministry Update

Sports Weekend and the Summer Internship Program
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The past couple months have been a busy time for our ACYO. The month of May focused on getting our teens ready for the annual ACYO Sports Weekend in Fresno. We held practices jointly with our brothers and sisters across the bay at St. Vartan Church. This was a great time to bond with them.  Sports weekend was a total success. Our kids had the time of their lives. We are proud of how they competed but more importantly how they represented themselves and our church. Our boys won the 3rd place in junior basketball. They fought hard and played so well. They enjoyed teaming up with St. Vartan ACYO. Our girls won the 3rd place in senior volleyball. They enjoyed playing with St. Vartan’s team as well. Kevin Kestekyan won the 2nd place in Tavloo. Congratulations to him!

Also that weekend there was an essay contest asking the kids to write a response to a book The 100 steps. I am so proud to say that Megan Tutunjian won first place and Kevin Kestekyan won second place. Congratulations to them and their families. St. John could not have been represented any better. You can read Megan’s first place essay in this newsletter. A special thank you to Katherine Zerounian and Naira Sujohn for coming with us and helping out. I really appreciated their help, and the kids loved them!

For the rest of the summer,    we have our bi-weekly summer internship program, Friday night hangouts, a Tahoe trip, and many planned events. We thank the St. John community for your support.

Dn. Charles Cherezian

St. John Youth Director