Family Night Honors Armenians of Baku

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On Friday, January 20, St. John once again hosted a Family Night, this time honoring the Armenians from Baku. St. John has been a real home for Armenians from Baku, since the time that many came to the Bay Area fleeing the brutal Sumgait Pogrom in 1988, and the war for the independence of Artsakh.

During the war, most of the Armenians left their homes, belongings and their previous lives, to come to America seeking peace and prosperity. The Family Night was a celebration of life for the Baku Community, more than 150 families and friends gathered together to share food, stories, and dance.

After the delicious meal, some of the attendees shared their stories of the life of  Armenians in Baku before and during the war. Sad and happy memories will always be part of their lives. Everyone had fun dancing to the Armenian music until late hours.

Special thanks to the organizing committee lead by Arevik Makasdjian and Emma Abramyan for their effort to make this event successful.