Sunday School Spring Update

Submitted by Cecelia Baloian
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Sunday School teachers are committed to keeping our children motivated and engaged. Our teachers: Cecelia Baloian, Talene Movsesian, Alexis Burke, Lesley Kissick, Sevag Sarkissian and Ellen Eagen continue to eagerly devote their time in preparing lessons and work with our children weekly.  

On the 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month teachers follow the curriculum set up by the CEC (Christian Education Council) through the Western Diocese headquarters.  Teachers enrich the curriculum by studying the Bible, the life of Christ  and the Badarak.  Special activities have been added on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Ellen Eagen has continued the ‘Garden Ministry’, which was started by our Yn. Annie.  Children planted a Pomegranate tree after studying about the importance of the pomegranate as a symbol of Armenia.  Recently the children planted Forget-Me-Nots and learned about this flower’s significance to the Armenian Genocide.

Cecelia Baloian has added culture studies on the 1st Sundays by having the older children cook Armenian recipes.  It has been a delight watching them make tabouli, cheese bores, anoush abour, khadayif and pilaf.

Carol Kazarian has developed the Junior Karoun Dance Ensemble for any interested students on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  Tommy Kesecker continues to rehearse with our Sunday School Jazz Band which learning the Armenian National Anthem.  All these extracurricular activities help keep our culture alive, and our students motivated.

Recently the students students interviewed Father Mesrop for a ‘Meet Our Priest’ lesson.  They learned that if he hadn't been called to the priesthood, he would have been a computer engineer. They loved hearing that as a kid he played video games too.  When asked if he ever gets tired doing the something every Sunday he said no, because he loves what he is doing.  Although, when there aren't very many people in church, it’s like preparing a birthday party and nobody shows up.  They also learned that the most difficult part of his job is sharing in people's lives when they are going through tough times.   He can’t help but feel their pain and sadness.  On the other hand, he feels lucky to get to share in the joys of baptisms and weddings.

We feel blessed to have such a young Der Hayr whose dedicated devotion includes the youth of our church.  Sunday School students are preparing a program for May 21, the last day of Sunday School.  Sunday School families will host the coffee hour to help celebrate the day.