ACYO Hosts Lock-In

Prepares food for a local shelter
Publish Date: 
Thursday, March 23, 2017

On Saturday, March 18, 2017, the ACYO youth gathered at St. John’s Armenian Church to participate in a special Lenten lock-in, a sleepover at the church. The evening began with a talk from Dn. Anthony Catchatoorian. Anthony spoke about his career as a camera person for KPIX and Comcast, and also shared his experience and involvement in the church since his childhood. He talked to the youth about the different journeys he has taken in his life, how the church has always given him strength and encouraged them to pursue their career dreams.

Next, the ACYO youth cooked dinner for 60 local shelter residents. ACYO members, helped each other hand-in-hand to prepare and pack the food, to deliver to a local shelter to feed the needy.

Following dinner, Fr. Mesrop led the participants in midnight prayers. At the conclusion, there was a meaningful discussion about how labels can harm us and others. After this serious topic, it was time to have fun and have free time. They enjoyed the rest of the night watching movies, playing games, eating snacks and having fun.

The next morning, after eating breakfast prepared by some of the Parish Council members, they dropped off the food at the shelter, which was very thankful for the donation.

The ACYO youth were able to enjoy their time together while helping others. They learned the importance of giving to those less fortunate and rejuvenating their faith. The ACYO looks forward to hosting similar events in the future. ACYO is open to all children of the Armenian Church, ages 12 and up. Contact the church if you are interested in being involved.