Renewing Our Commitment to Armenia's Soldiers

Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2015

With Veteran’s Day fast approaching we begun eagerly preparing for our Annual Veteran’s Day Event, wherein we honor all of those who have honorably served in the Armed Services. As part of our tradition, the money raised from this event benefits various charities. Last year the proceeds were devoted to the Chaplaincy program of the Armed Services of the Republic of Armenia that serves both active servicemen and veterans. We were so pleased with the results stemming from our contributions that we have decided to once again support the efforts of the chaplaincy.

In 2014 the funds raised from the Veteran’s Event were sent to the Chaplaincy program and the following activities were implemented.

  • Funds were transferred to the General Chaplaincy of the Armed Forces in Armenia, which was used to provide medical and social support for veterans, several who fought for the liberation of Artsakh.
  • Additional finds were sent to the chaplains directly serving the military base in Yerevan, led by Dn. Volodya Najaryan. These funds supported a new program that would strengthen the connection between active servicemen and the church, and provide care and counseling to help strengthen their spirits during service. This program has been very successful to date, and we hope to continue our support.

We look forward to continuing our support for our brothers who stand in defense of our beloved Motherland and the faith and values for which it stands.