About the Blessing of the Holy Muron

Publish Date: 
Monday, November 2, 2015

The holy anointing oil of the Armenian Church is called Holy Muron, The right to bless the Holy Muron is bestowed upon the Catholicos of All Armenians, once every seven years.

The Holy Muron is composed of olive oil, rose water and forty-eighth herbs and flowers. To protect the purity of the ingredients, the lid of the cauldron is sealed with uncooked dough, and the entire mixture is boiled in water in another larger cauldron for three days and nights. The covered cauldron than is placed on the Main Altar of Etchmiadzin cathedral. Muron is used to anoint ordained clergy, newly baptized, churches, and even khatchkars.

The Western Diocese of the Armenian Church describes the event in this way,

The 3rd blessing of the Third Muron of the 21st century was held on September 27 at the Mother see of the Holy Etchmiadzin presided by His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians.

On this historic event many Government dignitaries including the President of Republic of Armenia clergymen, delegates and representatives of the Christian Churches were present along with thousands of pilgrims.

The ceremony began with the Pontifical Procession to the Open Altar while the Mother See choir were singing the solemn hymn ”Hrashapar”, followed by readings of passages from the Old and New Testaments as well as reading of prayers from the Holy Bible, dedicated to Holy Muron. Mr. Haiak Didizian the Godfather opened the Holy Muron cauldron where His Holiness poured the floral essence and the balsam, the newly blessed Muron made in Antelias the Great House of Cilicia and the old Muron from the previous blend into the cauldron, conveying the power of the Holy Muron blessed by St. Gregory the Illuminator to the new one.

His Holiness blessed the Holy Muron, then stirred it with the piece of the True Cross, the Holy Lance, and the Holy Right Hand of St. Gregory the Illuminator. This newly Blessed Holy Muron is distributed to all the Armenian Churches throughout the world.

His Holiness Karken II, in his message on the occasion of the blessing of the Holy Muron said the following, "Our path for the next 100 years was a path of rebirth; and today, under the canopy of our independent statehood, new horizons of national awakening are dawning. This Chrism prepared with confidence and hope in our newly ordained life, blessed in this revered year commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and with the intercessory prayers of our sanctified Martyrs, is hereby proclaimed to be the CHRISM OF VICTORY, with the belief that it shall seal the souls of our faithful with the courageous and undefeatable spirit of our Holy Martyrs, all of the Lord’s witnesses and our forebears who defended our patrimony."