Join Us For A Presentation By the Authors of Armenian Wonderwomen

Sunday, April 28, 2024 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

We invite you to a presentation by the authors of Armenian Wonderwomen, a children's book that shines a light on remarkable women from Armenian history. This event will feature Gayane Aghabalyan and Elmira Ayvazyan, who will share insights into the creation of their book as well as the lives of some of the influential Armenian women who are featured in it.

About the Authors:

  • Gayane Aghabalyan is an integrated programs manager renowned for her grassroots-level and community-driven projects in education and child protection. A celebrated children’s author, Gayane brings real-life stories of people with disabilities to the forefront through her literature. Her latest work, Armenian Wonderwomen, co-authored with Elmira Ayvazyan, aims to educate and inspire by highlighting historical and contemporary Armenian women. Gayane is also a dedicated teaching associate at AUA and is furthering her education in the field at the University of Glasgow.
  • Elmira Ayvazyan is a product manager in the IT sector, a tech enthusiast, and an advocate for social change. With a focus on gender equality, environmentalism, and rural development in Armenia, Elmira’s passion projects reflect her commitment to making a difference. The co-authored book, Armenian Wonderwomen, is a testament to her vision of introducing Armenian heroines to the young minds of today, ensuring that the legacy of Armenian women is known and celebrated.
St. John Armenian Church