Artsakh Refugee Relief Fund

On September 19, 2023, a devastating event shook the Armenian community to its core. Azerbaijan launched a brutal military assault on Artsakh, specifically targeting the ethnic Christian Armenian enclave in the city of Stepanakert and its surrounding villages. This was not just a military operation; it was a violent attack against innocent civilians. The aftermath has seen over 100,000 Artsakh Armenians being forcefully displaced due to Azerbaijan's intent on ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, structures that have stood for millennia, bearing testament to our rich history, are now under threat. The Azeris aim to obliterate these historic landmarks, erasing the evidence of Armenian Christians' indigenous presence on these lands.

In the face of this immense tragedy, St. John and the Western Diocese is committed to making a significant impact. We aim to provide immediate and long-term assistance to those affected, ensuring that the displaced families receive the support they need during these trying times. Through the Artsakh Refugee Fund and the collective efforts of our community, we pledge to stand by our brothers and sisters from Artsakh, ensuring that their sacrifices and struggles are not in vain.

How We Plan to Assist:

  1. Immediate Relief: Our efforts assocaited with the our Annual Food Festival will be aollocated toward church-support efforts. Read more about it.
  2. Long-term Assistance: St. John's Artsakh Relief Fund pledges to work through the institutions of the Church to support efforts that will secure the long-term stabilty of families impacted by the crisis with oversight and transparency.

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate: Donate toward this cause using the form below
  2. Get Involved: Inquire through the church regarding ways you can be engaged by volunteering and organizing.
  3. Spread the Word: Spread the word online and in person about the plight of the Armenians from Artsakh.

Message from Our Diocesan Primate, Abp. Hovnan Derderian


In the past few weeks, we witnessed the horrific forced displacement of our people from Artsakh, their ancestral homeland. We witnessed their despair, shared their struggles amidst the tragedy had befallen on our people with the loss of the sacred land of Artsakh. In our battle to exist in our ancestral land, we lost thousands of souls, churches, schools, homes, and cultural and historical monuments as well as 3,000 years of our history.

Amidst the calamity, more than a hundred thousand Armenians, leaving behind their life’s belongings, were forced to leave for Armenia within a matter of days. Regardless of age, they lacked life’s basic essentials of food, medicine, clothing, and housing.

The Artsakh Refugee Fund was established at the Western Diocese for this exact purpose. The ongoing mission will provide urgent humanitarian assistance to our brothers and sisters in dire need.

Adhering to the call, the Diocesan faithful have put their Christian faith into action to extend a lending hand to our brothers and sisters through your generosity. Incoming donations from the Diocesan faithful totaling more than $300,000 have been transferred to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin in support of Artsakh's refugees in Armenia. Led by the Rev. Fr. Vazgen Boyajyan, the Rev. Fr. Mesrop Ash and Diocesan Council Chairman Mr. Vartan Nazerian, a special delegation has been established by the Western Diocese, the members of which will travel to Armenia at the end of November to assess the humanitarian crisis and oversee the distribution of the collected funds. While in Armenia, the Diocesan Primate will also meet with the delegation and will visit displaced families of Artsakh.

We express our genuine gratitude to the faithful for their generous financial support and contribution to the Artsakh Refugee Fund and are eternally grateful to the Almighty God for blessing our Church and nation with such devout faithful, whose love for Church and nation is boundless.

Our Commitment