Chaplaincy Support Fund

Announcing "Christmas Gifts For Armenian Soldiers"

Dear members of the Armenian community in San Francisco, USA, we each have different circumstances of our lives that enable us to live happily, safely, and lovingly.

On the eve of these Christmas holidays, the Armenian soldier and commander, who voluntarily deprived themselves of that sense of security, stood at the border, risking their own lives, and allowed us to be happy and safe. And it does not matter if we live in Armenia, the United States or anywhere in the world. We each owe it to the Armenian Soldier and Commander for their high sense of self-sacrifice.

Therefore, St. John's Church is organizing the "CHRISTMAS GIFT TO THE ARMENIAN SOLDIER" initiative, which will allow us to prepare Christmas presents and send them to the Armenian Soldier and Commander guarding the Armenian Borders. Therefore, we look forward to your active participation on this occasion with your modest financial support to make the project a success.

UPDATE In addition to the support we are sending to our soldiers, we are also asking for donations to help our chaplains as well. We have been informed that many of those who are serving in Artsakh are in need of material support, so we are also working through our chaplaincy fund to help them during the difficult circumstances caused by the blockade.

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