Chaplaincy Support Fund

Since the beginning of the current war in defense of Artsakh, young Armenian men and women have valiantly fought and given their lives for the defense of Artsakh, and from the first day the chaplains of the Armenian Church have been by their side, supporting them in any way possible by sacrament, prayer, and encouragement. The chaplains have also taken on the role of helping to rapidly obtain essential items for their entrusted flock, such as warm underclothing and wet weather gear. Simple items like these can mean the difference between life and death.

We have been passionate supporters of the chaplaincy program for years, which has been impeccably accountable and effective in their collaboration with us. We have established a fund to help them in their God-pleasing mission, and in a matter of days, by our humble support, soldiers have already begun to receive these basic but crucial items. Your contribution to this fund will help them in their God-pleasing service.

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