Chaplaincy Support Fund

Our Chaplaincy Support Fund is a critical initiative that funds the work of our devoted Army Chaplains in Armenia. These dedicated chaplains are on the front lines, providing pastoral care, teaching, advocacy, and spiritual guidance to our brave soldiers, strengthening their moral foundation, and providing hope in the challenging environment of military life.

Our chaplains are not just spiritual guides; they are mentors, advocates, and a source of strength for our soldiers. They teach essential Christian principles that help our soldiers navigate the psychological and spiritual impacts of military life. From the base to the front lines, their presence is a source of comfort and reassurance.

The Chaplaincy Support Fund also enables our chaplains to organize religious pilgrimages throughout our homeland. These journeys inspire our soldiers and connect them more deeply with their faith and their Armenian heritage. In addition, our chaplains regularly organize sacramental services, including Divine Liturgy at military chapels and baptisms, further enriching the spiritual lives of our soldiers.

However, we cannot sustain this essential work without your help. Your donation to the Chaplaincy Support Fund will directly support these invaluable services, ensuring that our soldiers have access to pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and the enriching experiences that strengthen their resolve and fortify their spirits.

Please consider making a generous contribution to the Chaplaincy Support Fund today. Your donation will make a profound difference in the lives of our soldiers, providing them with the spiritual sustenance they need in their service to our nation.

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